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About Us



West Coast Drones is led by Vince Partridge, an experienced Drone videographer and photographer who is passionate about capturing unique moments with his signature style.

West Coast Drones began their journey into aerial videography and photography in 2017. They soon became obsessed with the storytelling opportunities that drones provide along with the fundamentals that make great drone videos and photos: motion, lighting, balance, composition, and use of space.

A keen traveller, Vince has taken his drones overseas on numerous occasions, documenting his travel experiences in Bali and the Isle of Skye. In Western Australia, Vince takes his drones wherever he goes, capturing the sights of WA's beautiful south-west, the eerie Pinnacles landscape, and also stunning views of Perth and its surrounds from the Swan River.

These experiences have helped shape Vince's storytelling capabilities, and now he is constantly seeking out opportunities to help other people tell their stories.

We utilise the latest drone aircraft and match the right aircraft to the specific storytelling objectives. Our Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) includes the cinematic DJI Inspire 2, the DJI Phantom 4 Pro workhorse, and DJI's latest ultralight drone - the DJI Mini 2.

For our ground video, we use two state of the art pro video cameras - the awe-inspiring Sony a7SIII. These cameras enable us to capture buttery smooth slow-motion sequences, vivid and dynamic colours, razor-sharp focusing, and extreme low-light scenes. When coupled with DJI's latest handheld gimble, the Sony a7SIII becomes the professional videographer's camera of choice.

To ensure that the audio tracks accompanying any creative video are crisp and clear, we use a combination of field recorders and microphones to get the best results. We then skillfully add licenced backing music and SFX to create an immersive aural experience.

West Coast Drones is a CASA-certified drone operator with additional approvals that permit night operations and operations within 30m of people.  We use various flight planning tools to complete airspace assessments quickly and correctly, and conduct and document Job Safety Assessments thoroughly. We maintain a $20 million drone-specific public liability insurance policy for further peace of mind.   

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