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Community Events

Community Events are the lifeblood of both local and global communities, especially as we navigate the challenges of Covid-19. The creative use of aerial and ground video can capture the spirit and soul of your unique community and share this experience with viewers, promoting community engagement and fostering ongoing support and involvement. 

Check out some of our Community Events samples here >

Wanneroo Show 2020

Dramatic aerial video of the fireworks at the Wanneroo Show 2020 plus ground video of the show activities combine to provide a great overview of the fun and excitement of the Show!

Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2020

'Brave' is the story of Matt's diagnosis of prostate cancer, and with Kerry at his side, their journey to overcome this life-threatening condition.

Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2019

A visual wrap-up of the Distinguished Gentleman's 2019 Ride in Perth, raising awareness and donations for research into prostate cancer and men's mental health.

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