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Your landscaping projects demonstrate your talents and skills in the design, construction and maintenance of landscapes that are as individual as you are.


The strategic production of impactful videos and photos will enable you to showcase your landscaping projects and services to a wide range of stakeholders, including: clients, suppliers, subcontractors, developers, and partners.


Aerial video & photos, often combined with ground video & photos, can be used to:

  • Showcase completed construction projects

  • Enhance construction progress reporting

  • Provide ‘Before’ and ‘After’ comparative views

  • Demonstrate maintenance techniques, equipment, processes and standards

  • Compress time using time-lapse and hyper-lapse techniques

  • Highlight innovative design features

  • Communicate end-user utility, satisfaction and testimonials

  • Provide a visual record of hand-over conditions, issues and problems.

Kingsford Playground, Bullsbrook

30-second overview of Kingsford Playground, Bullsbrook. 

Eden Beach Playground

60-second overview of Eden Beach Playground, as seen through the eyes of six-year-old Connor.

Catalina Playground, Clarkson

60-second overview of the Catalina Playground in Clackson, as seen through the eyes of six-year-old Connor. 

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