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Your manufacturing and construction capabilities are a visual testament to your high standard of work, and demonstrate your commitment to your clients to deliver the best possible outcomes and meet their goals.


The strategic production of videos and photos utilising a combination of aerial and surface perspectives will enable you to provide visual case studies of your manufacturing and construction workshops, highlighting your unique capabilities and strengths to a wide range of stakeholders, including: clients, suppliers, subcontractors, developers, and partners.


Aerial video & photos, often combined with ground video & photos, can be used to:

  • Showcase in-progress and completed construction projects

  • Provide ‘Before’ and ‘After’ comparative views

  • Demonstrate manufacturing and maintenance techniques, equipment, processes and standards

  • Compress time using time-lapse and hyper-lapse techniques

  • Highlight innovative design and manufacturing features

  • Communicate end-user utility, satisfaction and testimonials

  • Provide a visual record of finalised projects before despatch.

Arch Engineering

Welcome to Arch Engineering's cutting-edge fabrication workshop, where they specialize in bringing your ideas to life with precision and expertise.


Join us on this exciting virtual tour as we unveil AE's advanced facilities and techniques, dedicated to helping their clients achieve outstanding results.

Quad Bodies at work

Watch as the first Quad Bodies get put through their paces in the Pilbara, hauling more ore than traditional bodies.

Quad Engineering

Watch as the first shipment of the revolutionary Quad Bodies are dispatched from their midwest manufacturing plant to the Pilbara, where they will go into service and introduce greater efficiencies and reduce business costs.

Manufacturing the new Quad Bodies

Come inside this manufacturing facility and see how the new Quad Bodies go from a blueprint design to the finished product.

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